Happy Birthday

My beautiful wife made me a beautiful cake for my birthday. Flourless chocolate cake that reminded us how much we miss CakeFlour, among other Louisville institutions.



The Zoo

This weekend we attempted to trek through the zoo, but the 85+ degree weather at 10 AM was a bit daunting…

DSCN3303Lilias insisted on riding the merry-go-round first. We think she’s gotten wise to the pattern that doing it “on the way out” means skipping it whilst we hurry home for lunch.

DSCN3311Her first cotton candy.

DSCN3322A beautiful pair.

DSCN3327Lilias’ new favorite animal at the zoo.


A New Playground

The longer we live here, the more awesome new places we continue to find. This last week some friends told us about a beautiful new playground.

IMG_1322So excited to be here.IMG_1324IMG_1339IMG_1340Ice cream shaped like Dora is the best ice cream.IMG_1361IMG_1365