Things We Love: Makloub

One of the best things about our city is the availability of cheap, delicious local food in tiny restaurants scattered about town.

One of our favorite places for a quick lunch is a cafeteria right around the corner from our house. They serve up one of the tastiest sandwiches we’ve ever had: the Makloub.

In Arabic, “makloub” means “upside down” or “turn over,” and that’s appropriate since this sandwich is essentially a small pizza crust, topped with grilled chicken and cheese, and baked in a pizza oven. Then it’s topped with whatever local sauces and salads one desires.

Take a look (the red one is HOT):

Then the sandwich is “makloubed” (see how well my Arabic is coming along?). The result:


Heather loves makloub!



Total cost for both of us (with extra fries for Lilias): $2.02. And that is why we love it.


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