Hacking Nescafé

Our city and country are wonderful, and the food and culture are top-notch. With one small exception: the coffee.  The first time we bought some whole beans from a local roaster, brought them home and brewed up a nice hot cup, Heather took a sip and her reaction was, “Tastes like cigarettes.”

Coffee shops are even worse, as you are generally inhaling actual cigarette smoke, as well.

So on those days when we’re out of beans imported from the good ol’ US of A, we’ve managed to acquire the skill to turn Nescafé into something approaching drinkable. Here’s how we do it:

ImageFirst, the ingredients. This particular concoction was inspired by the Café Miele, so we use honey, cinnamon and milk in addition to the aforementioned soluble “coffee.”

ImageA teaspoon of coffee granules and a half teaspoon of honey, along with a dash of cinnamon and just a couple drops of water all combine in the cup. The trick is to whip them all together with a spoon, until they form a thick, frothy paste.

ImageHeat a cupful of milk on the stove or in the microwave, and mix it in to the cup, stirring as you add it to get a nice froth on top, and voilà!  A drink that is eminently drinkable.


2 thoughts on “Hacking Nescafé

  1. Genius!! While I’m sure it’s not the perfect cup of joe, I’m glad you’re able to be creative!!

  2. Coffee left here 5-13. About 6 bags of different kinds. Hope you get it soon and you
    like it at least as well as Nescafé! 🙂

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